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A beautiful classic I always go back to for its elegant execution and design. Very nostalgic.

14 Years Later, more years to come.


Such a long time ago...but still such a beautiful animation all the same. I enjoy it now just as much if not more than when I first saw it

Another beautiful episode in this series! Nylocke is still one of my favorites.
Always a pleasure!!

PS. Gurren Lagann inspired Kamina!!!

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Very nice and realistic game. Makes sense that you would be locked out once you get the gen up and running. Now to get those secret medals...

The dark transitions made every step of the way a harrowing gut-wrenching 'what if' . I love it, looking forward to playing through the final .


A great game of meaning in my opinion.
Our lives seem remedial and certain, but something unexpected may happen.
Then we try desperately to comprehend what has happened.
Finally, when it is understood, we realize it's our end.
And at the end, the ultimate uncertainty overcomes us...
And just before we succumb to it... God makes complete uncertainty...

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This is my first time experiencing your music, and what struck me the most was the storytelling you have along with it!
I believe music communicates an unseen and untold part of any story, and I hope I get to see an animation one day with this!

Ironclover responds:

People keep bringing up that idea, but I may just make comics out of it. Thank you so much :D


There is so much going on in the music, however it is all put together so well that it is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Amazing rhythm as well!

Please make more :)

VGSongbird responds:

I will definitely do so if it's received as well as this :D Thanks for listening!

Excellent mix! The transition between techno and dub-step parts aren't too glaring either.
Hope you make more of these!

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This is one case of incest I am perfectly fine with!


That was my first thought when I looked at this.

All I can say is this is freakin' amazing. Love it!

Very Pleased

Nice color usage. Aesthetically pleasing while drawing to the main part of the piece. Blending is done nicely as well, makes it feel natural. And good attention to detail.

Monkey Island is awesome!

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